17.06.2020 Press release

Höganäs launches powder mix through webinar

World-leading metal powder producer Höganäs AB launches its latest powder mix, Intralube® GS, through an online webinar. 

Höganäs new metal powder mix; Intralube GS

With all exhibitions and conferences in the metal powder industry being cancelled due to the coronavirus, Höganäs has found a virtual way to launch its new powder mix, Intralube GS.

“This is the first time in Höganäs’ history that we will try a digital launch of one of our products,” says Angelica Hansen, Product Manager Mixes and leader of the launch campaign team. “Through an email invitation, we have asked our customers to join our webinar online.” 

The powder mix improves the green strength of compacted parts up to 80 percent compared to other powder mixes. Thanks to this excellent green strength, Intralube GS increases customers’ production efficiency and reduces scrap rates.

“We have seen a need for improved green strength of compacted parts,” says Åsa Ahlin, Manager for Organic Material development. “Intralube GS enables green machining, which saves a lot of time and drastically reduces production cost. At the same time, we have been able to keep all other properties at a high level, for instance compressibility and lubrication.”

The webinar will be hosted by Fredrik Vinnerborg, Competence Technology Leader, who will talk to Höganäs’ product experts Åsa Ahlin and Per Knutsson about Intralube GS’ benefits and the value it brings to our customers.

“As a leading company in our business, we choose to be proactive and work in new ways to serve our customers in these trying times,” says Henrik Jarl, who heads the marketing communications team.  

Main features of Intralube GS:

  • A press-ready mix
  • Excellent green strength
  • Good fillability and lubrication performance
  • Suitable for components where machining of green parts is required

Main benefits of Intralube GS:

  • Increases production efficiency
  • Reduces scrap rates
  • Reduces environmental impact


Click here to see the webinar, https://www.hoganas.com/en/powder-technologies/pressing-sintering/intralube-gs-webinar/

For more information, please contact Angelica Hansen or Henrik Jarl:

Angelica Hansen, Product Manager Mixes, phone +46 42 33 88 26, email angelica.hansen@hoganas.com

Henrik Jarl, Marketing Communications Manager, phone +46 42 33 86 85, email henrik.jarl@hoganas.com

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