Annie Vuoleva, Maintenance

I feel like a detective

Discovering a problem in production, then finding the cause and fixing it, is one of the big attractions of working in the Process Service Department at the Halmstad plant, according to Annie Vuoleva. After switching from production, she now enjoys her work more than ever.

- I was driven by curiosity, having the courage to try something new, but at the same time I knew I could cope with the work as I’d had similar jobs before.

After doing shift work in production, Annie now carries out quality assurance on metal powder. Her work includes taking samples of the finished powder, replacing particle screens, calibrating equipment and removing waste material by forklift truck.

- The routines are roughly the same each day, but still every shift is different. It all depends on what’s happening in production. If something has gone wrong, it’s my job to find out what has happened. That’s what I like so much about my work – I feel like a detective.