Ola Löfgren, electrical engineer

An exciting future as an engineer

Höganäs’ electrical and automation engineers are constantly faced with new challenges as they develop the company’s production facilities.

Höganäs has its head office, one of the Group’s biggest production plants and a research and development facility in Höganäs, south of Sweden. Ola Löfgren has been working here for 20 years as an electrical and automation engineer. He describes a work environment founded on the leadership and engagement of everyone – and an opportunity to pursue an internal career at a global level.

“I started my journey as an engineer at Höganäs, I’ve worked at places including the USA, and now I’ve been given the role of manager of the department where I once began.”

Challenging and interesting tasks

Electrical and automation engineers at Höganäs can expect variety in the tasks they perform at work, believes Ola. Engineers here work on projects from beginning to end, picking up a vast range of knowledge.

“Höganäs is a heavy industry, and we take care to ensure that work is both challenging and interesting. That’s why engineers get to work in all areas, from forged steel to packing machines, and to work on both global and local investment projects.”

“An exciting time”

There are a number of major investments in the pipeline for Höganäs. Both capacity increases and upgrades of existing plants – always with a focus on safety, the environment and energy.

“We have a great journey ahead of us, it’s going to be an exciting time,” concludes Ola.