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Höganäs monitors environmental impact with help from satellites

Since April, a pilot project has been underway to investigate whether satellite monitoring can contribute to a greater understanding of how Höganäs’ operations in Höganäs, Sweden, affect the environment. If the project is successful, the next step could be to spread the initiative to Höganäs’ other sites around the world and monitor suppliers.

Anders Bergman and Frida Lindbladh lead a pilote project of monitoring environmental impact with help from satelites“Today we measure our emissions, but it is also interesting to know if we impact our surroundings, so that we can adapt our environmental protection measures," says Anders Bergman, Environment and Climate Manager, Group Sustainability.

For this reason, Anders and environmental engineer Frida Lindbladh are leading a pilot project where they are using satellite images to see how the vegetation is growing, whether dust is spreading, and assess the water quality in the sea outside the plant.

How biodiversity develops over time

The fact that the world’s biodiversity is declining is receiving more and more attention, and at Höganäs’ industrial site we have a special area where we want to promote high biodiversity.

“Using satellite images, we can see how the vegetation is doing and how varied it is. If the vegetation is healthy and varied, it attracts a higher number of insects and other animals. By using historical satellite images, we can see how vegetation has developed over time," says Frida.

Effective methods for tracking suppliers

The pilot project started in April and will run until June, when it will be evaluated. If successful, a possible next step could be to use the same method at our other sites around the world.

“The demands for control in the supply chain are constantly increasing, and this could be an effective complement to on-site supplier visits," says Anders.



  • The project is being carried out in collaboration with GlobalTrust, a data analysis company that uses satellite data. They offer data that can be difficult to access, such as land use over time, water quality, pollution emissions, vegetation, and deforestation.
  • GlobalTrust is part of the Swedish Space Corporation Group, which is a Swedish space company that operates Sweden’s Esrange space base outside Kiruna

Text and photo: Ann Wulf

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