Behind the patent

The lubricant that became a success with Höganäs customers

Behind one of Höganäs' most successful patented lubricants stands three innovative women: Åsa Ahlin, Anna Ahlqvist and Karin Enoksson.

Lubricants are an important additive in Höganäs' customer-specific metal powder mixtures and a prerequisite for customers to be able to press components.

When Höganäs needed a new lubricant – since existing suppliers had no opportunity to develop what Höganäs and its customers demanded – Åsa, Anna and Karin started working together with a new project group.

“We were commissioned to develop a lubricant that would be better than the existing ones. ‘It will be a challenge but we will do our best’ we answered,” says Åsa who led the work.

“We had recently completed an applied research project where we investigated how a good lubricant should be built up chemically. Thanks to this project the foundation was already there and we were able to develop the new lubricant rather quick,” says Karin.

Lube E, which is part of the Intralube® E blend, quickly became a success and is now one of Höganäs’ most popular lubricants. And the sales curve continues to point upwards.

“It is great to have been a part of the development of Lube E. Initially, we were asked on several occasions whether we were sure it would work. I responded that we had thoroughly researched mixtures containing Lube E and were confident that it would work. It turned out later that the product was introduced without any major problems,” says Åsa.

“All the requested properties are very good with the lubricant and it quickly became popular with our customers. I'm glad to see that the product has been the solution to many of our customers’ problems,” says Anna.