Whistleblower function

Speak up regarding compliance concerns

Our Code of Conduct sets the tone for how we conduct business globally. We are committed to always comply with laws and our internal regulations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and we constantly work with building and maintaining trust and credibility with our customers, partners, employees, suppliers, owners and other stakeholders.

Initial reporting channels

Employees are encouraged to report any conduct that they believe, in good faith, to be a violation of laws or the Code of Conduct to their manager or the manager’s manager, or to the HR department or Corporate Legal.

Other persons than employees, such as suppliers, customers and other partners involved with Höganäs, may report suspected violations of laws or the Code of Conduct to the local operations manager or in accordance with locally established procedures.

Höganäs whistleblower system – encouragement to speak up

Sometimes it is not possible or appropriate to report violations of laws or the Code of Conduct in accordance with the above.

Höganäs provides employees and external stakeholders a dedicated whistleblower channel in order for them to be able to speak up regarding serious compliance concerns. The speak up line is operated by a third party and is always available. The speak up line enables persons to report in many countries and languages and also enables further confidential communication between Höganäs and the reporter.

Reports can be made via phone or a web system. Both systems are easy to use. After a report is done, a transcription of the voice message or the web report will be translated and sent by the third party to a designated external lawyer and the chairman of the audit committee (the “Recipients”). The Recipients will then assign the investigation of the reported matter to a person that is not involved in the matter, which in most cases will be the Höganäs’ General Counsel.

Höganäs will not have access to the recorded voice message or the IP address. All reports will be treated as confidential, all concerns are taken seriously and appropriate actions will be taken on each report.

Höganäs employees should use the link to the speak up line in the corporate intranet. For suppliers, customers and others to be able to report concerns, click below for instructions on how to speak up, online or by phone.

Speak up

No discrimination or retaliation

Höganäs will not accept any discrimination of or retaliation against individuals who report compliance concerns in good faith. All reported concerns will be handled confidentially and strictly on a need-to-know basis. If you report through the speak up line, you will remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

Privacy notice

Höganäs AB (publ) is data controller for personal data processed in the speak up line. The third party operator and data processor is People Intouch B. V., Olympisch Stadion 41, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands.