Louise Chen, Country Manager in China

The only thing that will never change, is the need to change

Louise Chen first joined Höganäs after completing her master’s degree in 2005, starting out as a technical support engineer. She has held a variety of roles over the years and today, she is the country manager for Höganäs in China.

Over the past 18 years, Louise Chen has held a variety of positions in different countries and departments, such as Manager for ATEC, Manager Market Development, Integration Manager, Merge & Acquisition, and VP Business Development. Since becoming country manager, she has overseen the 30th anniversary celebrations of Höganäs’ presence in China, as well as the relocation to a new site.

“The content of my work has gradually moved from a technical to a business level,” she says. “As an employee, you just need to do your own thing, whereas as a manager, you need to consider how to effectively manage and inspire your team members and guide them towards collective growth.”

Louise’s career has also seen her change countries, having spent a few years working at Höganäs’ headquarters in Sweden. “It’s a test of internal drive to work across borders, but I like to keep trying new things and have an open mind at work. In the face of constant changes and challenges, I can improve myself quickly. Perseverance is also crucial at work and in life.”

Always having the opportunity to take on a new challenge is what has kept Louise at Höganäs for so long. “Höganäs is extremely accommodating and encourages a culture of feedback. It has a frank and open work atmosphere, coupled with a flat organisational structure, which is highly conducive to employee development and growth.”