Vipul Utkar, engineer

I’m proud that we are a small part of this new revolution

Vipul Utkar joined Höganäs in 2011 as a post graduate trainee engineer. He started with just a basic understanding of powder metallurgy but was soon spellbound by its huge potential. Now he is helping to change the future of the automotive industry.

“At Höganäs, I was introduced to the massive world of powders and their limitless application,” he recalls. “The technology for using powder for various applications is simple but at the same time it gives you an opportunity to improvise and make new generations of applications possible. That is the beauty of powders.” 

Over the years, Vipul has developed professionally on multiple fronts. He has worked closely with  production, tested services and products with customers, and worked in global and diverse teams. He even had the opportunity to live in Sweden for a few years to learn more about metallography.

“It was the most exciting experience for me,” he says. “It was my first international assignment and the first time I worked with foreign colleagues directly so I was a bit nervous as well as excited. But working globally with different people helps you learn about their ways of working. In the end, we are all working for same cause.” 

Presently, Vipul is working on SMC applications for electric motors and components. “It is an exciting role. I’m proud that we are a small part of this new revolution. It is the future for all automotive companies.”

It’s opportunities like this that have kept Vipul at Höganäs all these years. “The best part of Höganäs is that it believes in change. It has transformed itself multiple times and is now working towards sustainability as well. It is also a unique company which understand its people and focuses on tis employees. Anyone can grow here – it’s like a second home.”