Vipul Utkar, engineer

A home away from home

When Vipul Utkar strapped himself into his seat and readied himself for take-off from Mumbai Airport, it was with a certain amount of trepidation. Not only was this his first trip abroad, but his journey would take him all the way to distant Sweden, for an exchange placement lasting a full two and a half years at Höganäs’ headquarters.

But despite the distance, the weather, the culture shock and the initial twinge of homesickness, Höganäs’ caring culture meant that Vipul was soon made to feel at home.

“They really care about the employees at Höganäs,” he says. “They care as much about the happiness and the feelings of the young trainee as they do the high-level boss.”

The idea behind the exchange was to train Vipul in metallography, which would in turn boost competence and speed up innovation at the Höganäs facility in Pune, India.

For Vipul, the other thing that stands out at Höganäs besides the caring culture is the employees’ thirst to learn. “People are crazy about gaining knowledge here. Even the older employees are still so curious,” he says. “They are always wanting to know more, learn more. Their ears, eyes and minds are always open.”