ArcX Sweden
Welding processes are the focus of our ArcX center in Höganäs Sweden, providing service, consulting and develop-ment capacities in laser cladding, PTA welding, powder welding and spray and fuse.

Coating Development in ArcX Germany

The team includes specialists for the different deposition methods, laser technology and coating evaluation. The proximity to the central laboratory gives access to a large number of laboratory methods. The same applies to the cooperation with the material R&D group. Furthermore, our global network can also provide you access to expertise from all over the world.


Selected Capabilities

  • Expertise in welding, laser cladding, laser technology and coating evaluation
  • Application development
    • Analysis of coating requirements and consultation on suitable materials, coatings and processes
    • Upscaling from feasibility, prototypes to production
    • Coating and powder test lab capabilities
  • Process optimisation
  • Process/operational customer support
  • On-site troubleshooting and failure analysis
  • Provide training to


  • Conventional laser cladding (LC), inc. inner-diameter application (ID)
  • High-speed laser cladding
  • Plasma transferred arc (PTA) (inc. ID PTA)
  • Powder welding
  • Spray & fuse
  • Metallography laboratory with SEM, light microscope, surface roughness
  • Wear testing: G65, JIS, Pin-on-Disc
  • Salt spray chamber (ASTM B117)
  • Powder laboratory: sieve