2001/05/17 Pressing & Sintering

PM Steels Suitable for Sinterhardening in Respect of Cost and Performance

PM²TEC 2001, in New Orleans, USA. Author: Sigurd Berg. Cost reduction for P/M application with maintained mechanical properties is one of the most important factors in order to preserve the strong growth for the P/M industry. Heat treatment has since long time been used in order to achieve increased properties. By tailor made alloying systems it is possible to include the hardening process. Pre-alloyed material like Astaloy CrM, Astaloy A diffusion bonded alloys as D.DH-1 and premixes based on Astaloy 85 Mo are all suitable for sinterhardening. In this paper mechanical properties achieved at different cooling rates and carbon contents are discussed. Cost comparison for evaluated materials combined with mechanical properties achievable by the sinterhardening process gives areas for use of these materials. Selection of material is of importance to benefit the most out of this process route.