09.06.2008 Pressing & Sintering

Improved Dimensional Precision by High Performance Bonded Mixes and Advanced Compaction Presses

One of the main strengths of PM technology is its ability to make near net shape components with a cost efficient process. There is, however, variability in the dimensions of the sintered parts that often calls for sizing or machining to reach the desired tolerance class.  High performance bonded mixes and state-of-the-art compaction presses are able to contribute to operational excellence. Precision in the dimensions of the pressed parts can be improved and parts can be made to higher tolerance classes. In this paper results are presented from compaction of a multi-level component in an advanced hydraulic press. A high performance bonded mix is benchmarked with elemental mixes of the same nominal alloying composition. Improvements in productivity as well as quality of sintered components are presented.