20.06.2002 Pressing & Sintering

Properties Obtained by Chromium-containing Material

PM²TEC 2002, in Orlando, USA. Authors: Sigurd Berg, Barbara Maroli. Chromium as an alloying element in PM steel is of great interest due to its low cost, positive effect on hardenability and recycling advantages in the scrap phase of PM parts. The conversion from conventional steels to PM steels for large-scale production of components is primarily based on cost advantages. Traditionally, however, the cost for alloying elements in PM steels is higher than that of wrought steel. By utilization of a low cost alloying element such as chromium in PM, competitiveness can be improved. This paper compares a new prealloyed powder containing chromium and molybdenum with conventional powders. Static and dynamic properties are evaluated after sintering at 2050 °F and 2280 °F (1120°C and 1250°C). Mechanical performance after cooling in the range 1.8 to 9oF/s will also be shown.