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December 07

Höganäs acquires new atomizing technology for spherical powders

Höganäs acquires Metasphere Technology in Luleå, Sweden, a start-up that has developed a new technology for atomizing metals, carbides and ceramics at very high temperatures.
“Metasphere’s technology is unique and innovative,” says Fredrik Emilson, Höganäs CEO. “We will be able to offer new and specialized metal powders for surface coating and additive manufacturing, among other areas.”

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September 25

Additive manufacturing trend: Customers requiring larger volumes of powder

"In the last 6-12 months there has been a change in customer behaviour", says Rachel Spieczny, lead consultant in Additive Manufacturing at Höganäs. "We are seeing customers printing parts in increasingly larger volumes and thus now requiring larger volumes of powder."

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September 19

World's first 3D printer capable of producing high precision metal objects available now

Digital Metal begins commercial production of its 3D metal binder jet printers, offering unprecedented detail, surface resolution and design possibilities for small components.

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Digital Metal®:
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  • No complex or costly tools required
  • Minimum material waste
  • ‘Impossible’ objects become possible
  • Fast track from concept to completion
  • Cost-effective production
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