Amperit® 558.059

Tungsten carbides (WC-Co-Cr) thermal spray powders

Particle size: 30/5 µm
Chemistry: WC 10Co 4Cr
Powder type: Agglomerated and sintered
Suitable for deposition techniques: HVOF, HVAF



  • Fine WC
  • Max. operating temperature 500 °C
  • CoCr matrix shows higher corrosion and abrasion resistance than Co matrix
  • Useable in water based solutions and wet corrosive environments
  • Smooth coatings with fine microstructure and high bond strengths
  • Hard chrome replacement
  • Used for paper rolls, corrugated rolls, gate and ball valves, hydraulic cylinders, compressor shafts, mud pump rotors, process rolls in steel production
  • Finer particle size available only on request



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