Ammonium perrhenate

For catalysts and rhenium metal

Ammonium perrhenate (APR) is a colorless powder that dissolves completely in water. At approx. 365 °C it decomposes into rhenium oxide (Re2O7), ammonia (NH3), and water (H2O) as a result of thermal decomposition.

Ammonium perrhenate can be used directly in the production of catalysts, e.g. for synthesizing platinum-rhenium catalysts used to increase the octane rating of gasoline.

In addition, it serves as a precursor material in the manufacture of rhenium metal powder and pellets, an important additive in superalloys. In a homogeneous mixture with the other components of the special alloys, rhenium metal powder is used in semi-finished and finished products, such as anode plates in medical applications.

Certified top quality delivers the best results

Ammonium perrhenate produced by Höganäs is characterized by a high degree of purity. We ensure the consistent, outstanding quality of our products as certified by our customers. As a result, our ammonium perrhenate meets the requirements of any industry, whether it is used as a catalyst or to manufacture special alloys or superalloys.

The complete solubility and highest degree of purity of our ammonium perrhenate is crucial for the quality of the catalysts: complete solubility results in a particularly uniform catalyst because the rhenium can be used to the fullest extent. Due to the high degree of purity, the catalyst is free of impurities that could affect its performance in its later use. In further processing to produce rhenium powder or pellets, ammonium perrhenate ensures consistency in reduction properties, which is crucial in preventing the formation of defective crystalline structures that could occur due to the remaining oxygen, for example. Because our ammonium perrhenate has such high degree of purity, the alloys are also nearly free of any possible element contamination.

Broad range of technical application support and recycling

Our service portfolio also includes comprehensive application technology support for product selection and process optimization as well as customer-oriented product modification and enhancement. To ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials, we offer rhenium recycling from used products, for example used catalysts or turbine blades and processing residues. Recycling is offered either by purchasing used materials or by reprocessing a certain rhenium product.