Surfit® Ni SF+Carbide mixes

Carbide mixes overlay welding powders

Höganäs offers a wide range of Surfit powder mixes with Ni self-fluxing (SF) alloys and tungsten carbides.

With a broad portfolio of Ni self-fluxing alloys in combination with different tungsten carbides, we tailor mixes to meet the application requirements.

  • Ni self-fluxing alloys
  • Amperweld® Tungsten carbides
    • Amperweld CTC - Cast Tungsten Carbides
    • Amperweld SCTC - Spherical Cast tungsten carbide
    • Amperweld MTC - Macroline Tungsten Carbide
  • Amperit® Tungsten carbide cobalt
    • Amperit 519 WC-Co 88-12
    • Amperit 526 WC-Co 83-17

Please contact your local Höganäs sales representative to find a matching Surfit mix for your application.

Particle size: -
Powder type: Blended
Typical deposition techniques: Flame spraying, HVOF, laser cladding, plasma transferred arc (PTA), powder welding


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