ArcX China
Our ArcX facility in Shanghai, China is a new generation of surface coating technology center and incorporates various surface coating processes. ArcX China locates closely with some of the world’s best-known OEMs. We especially have rich experience in the mining and steel industries.

Coating Development in ArcX China

At ArcX China, we have technology engineers, material experts, process engineers, and customer service specialists to support your success in surface coating. With the support of our global network, ArcX China is the place where ideas and co-creation can flourish.


Selected Capabilities

  • Expertise in multiple cladding and coating processes, as well as coating evaluation
  • Application development
    • Pre-analysis on service condition and coating requirement
    • Concept creation, including material and process characterisation 
    • Prototyping
    • Coating test lab capabilities and full metallographic support
  • Process optimisation
    • Process/operational customer support
    • On-site troubleshooting and failure analysis
  • Provide training


  • Laser cladding: rectangular and round beam (Fiber Coupled Diode Laser 8kw)
  • High-speed laser cladding
  • Plasma transferred arc (PTA)
  • High-velocity air fuel (HVAF) spray (inc. ID spray, cooperated with University)
  • Powder flame spray
  • Powder welding torches
  • Metallography laboratory with SEM & LOM, light microscope
  • Salty spray chamber (ISO 9227)
  • Powder laboratory: sieve analysis