ArcX Germany
Our ArcX in Laufenburg, Germany is focused on thermal spray technology and operates two state-ofthe-art spray booths that were equipped with new core equipment in 2022 and 2023. Laboratory capabilities include metallography, powder analysis, wear and corrosion tests.

Coating Development in ArcX Germany

Coating and process development in the field of thermal spray is the core competence of the team of engineers and technicians. A metallography laboratory is part of the ArcX center with strong expertise in coating and powder evaluation. Furthermore, our global network can also provide you access to expertise from all over the world.


Selected Capabilities

  • Expertise in thermal spray technology and broad network to institutes, universities and other external resources
  • Application development
    • Analysis of coating requirements and consultation on suitable materials, coatings and processes
    • Upscaling from feasibility, prototypes to production
    • Coating and powder test lab capabilities
  • Customer support
    • Process and operation
    • On-site troubleshooting and failure analysis – Training on coating deposition, quality management and production setup


  • High-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spray
    • Gas fueled: DiamondJet 2600 and 2700
    • Liquid fueled: JP5000, VEGA
  • Atmospheric plasma spray (APS):
    • F4MB, 9MB, 3MB
    • Cascaded: SinplexPro™, LEAP™
  • Metallography laboratory with SEM, light microscope, surface roughness
  • Wear testing: G65, JIS, Pin-on-Disc
  • Salt spray chamber (ASTM B117)
  • Powder laboratory: sieve analysis, Mircrotrac, chemical analysis