16.06.2010 Brazing

Iron-based Brazing Filler Metals for High Temperature Brazing of Stainless Steel

This paper presents newly developed brazing filler metals for high temperature brazing of stainless steels. The development of the new alloys has been driven by the market demand to find low cost alternatives to Ni based brazing filler metals used in high end applications like heat exchangers and EGR coolers. High and fluctuating raw material costs for the Ni alloys resulted in that the new brazing filler metals are based on iron. The iron based brazing filler metals have been evaluated in several brazing trials. The evaluation included wetting and spreading investigations, metallographic examinations, joint strength and corrosion resistance. Results from the evaluation have been benchmarked against commercial available brazing filler metal and are presented in this paper. The conclusion is that the newly developed iron based brazing filler metals fulfil the requested properties for high end applications.