01.11.2018 Soft magnetic composites

An Investigation of Corrosion Behavior and Protection Methods for Soft Magnetic Composites Components

Soft magnetic composites (SMC) are used for electromagnetic applications such as motors, inductors, actuators and pulse-transformers. The occurrence of corrosion in magnetic components in different environments can be a universal problem, and good corrosion protection is very important for many electromagnetic applications. This study investigated the effect of corrosion on the mechanical strength and magnetic properties of four types of SMC components when compared with Fe-Si laminated steel components. Several protection coatings were evaluated using both a Salt Spray Test and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements. It was found
that corrosion might decrease the mechanical strength and magnetic properties of SMC. However, the stability of magnetic properties for SMC materials is better than laminated steel sheets in corrosive environments. A water-borne single coat of paint can offer good protective properties against corrosion.