01.11.2018 Soft magnetic composites

Novel Iron-Based FeSi Mixes for Inductor Applications

This study presents a novel soft magnetic composite powder that is suitable for the preparation of soft magnetic components working at high frequencies, such as inductors or reactors for power electronics. The material is a combination of Somaloy 110i 5P, a pure iron powder with a coating capable of withstanding heat treatments at 650°C or higher, and a low loss gas atomized Fe-6.5%Si.

Compared to pure Fe-6.5% Si, the advantages of this new material are higher magnetic saturation and high component density similar to that of pure Somaloy 110i 5P, as well as easy manufacturing procedures, i.e., the compaction pressure is low or moderate (800-1200 MPa vs. 1200-2000 MPa for pure FeSi) which reduces production costs. The material displays high frequency losses similar to that of Somaloy 110i 5P+Sendust, but due to the high saturation and density of the Somaloy 110i 5P/FeSi components, the low frequency core losses are further reduced. In this study, this new material concept will also be compared to other inductor materials.