13.10.2010 Pressing & Sintering

An integrated approach to optimize the interaction of powder concepts, tooling and compaction aspects in PM component manufacturing

To maintain its competitiveness towards other manufacturing techniques, the PM industry must continue to offer solutions that combine high demands on both mechanical properties and close tolerances of the sintered components in a robust, reliable and productive cost effective way. One effective way to shorten time to market, reduce development costs and minimize risks to successfully implement new PM solutions into new applications is to combine unique competencies regarding powder concepts, tool design and powder compaction aspects to develop new offerings and advance the limits for PM parts manufacturing. It is most desirable, for both economic and technical reasons, to achieve the highest possible utilisation of powder, tooling and press technology. Experimental work for proper powder, tooling and pressing solution is performed utilising an integrated team approach. Improving tool wear resistance / reducing die-wall friction using proper combination of die material, powder and precision pressing is highlighted in this paper.