13.10.2010 Pressing & Sintering

Analysis and durability test of surface rolled 1P1S 1.5Cr-0.2Mo very high density gear

The load carrying capacities of 1P1S (Single Press Single Sinter) 1.5Cr-0.2Mo very high density (7.5 g/cc) sintered steel gear was tested and analyzed. The P/M gear specimens were machined from sintered packs and some were surface rolled. The bending durability was investigated by single tooth bending fatigue tests. The surface durability was evaluated using a power re-circulation type gear testing rig with a counter pinion gear made of standard grade Ni-Cr-Mo wrought steel. Both of P/M gears and counter pinion wrought steel gears were case carburized and finished by grinding. Failure modes of the tested gears in respect to tooth bending fatigue and rolling contact fatigue were analyzed. The test results show that the high density P/M gears with or without teeth surface densification have high enough durability to replace gears made of typical wrought Cr-Mo steel.