20.05.2015 Pressing & Sintering

Characterization of the properties of bonded mixes used to manufacture powder metal (PM) components

Resin bonding of powder metal (PM) mixes has been shown to improve the flowability and fillability of the mix by bonding the fine particles to the larger iron particles. The improvement in powder properties results in the ability to obtain more consistent components and tighter tolerances. A new bonded mix has been developed which provides improved lubricity while maintaining other powder properties. With many bonding options available it is important to understand the benefits and optimum working conditions of each Starmix® bonding system. In this study, the properties of the new bonded mix will be compared to a conventional Starmix® and Starmix® Boost. Properties such as apparent density, flow rate, green strength, ejection, and filling performance will be compared for each system.