26.11.2001 Pressing & Sintering

Chromium Steel Powders for Components

The International Latin American Conference on Powder Technology in Florianópolis, Brazil 2001. Author: Jeanette Lewenhagen. Chromium as an alloying element is of great interest due to its low cost, high hardenability and possibility to recycle. Use of pre-alloyed chromium powders has increased recently due to its accessibility at low cost. Low total cost is and has been the driving force to convert parts made from conventional steel to PM material. By use of pre-alloyed chromium material, the PM industry can further increase its market share, compared to conventional steel. Two pre-alloyed iron powders, one for high strength applications containing 3 % Cr and 0,5 % Mo and one for medium strength applications containing 1,5% Cr and 0,2% Mo are considered in this paper. The mechanical properties for mentioned materials in the carbon range from 0,2 to 0,8% are described.