10.06.2003 Pressing & Sintering

Dimensional Control Using Chromium Alloyed Materials versus Conventional P/M Alloyed Materials

PM²TEC 2003, in Las Vegas, USA.  Authors: Bo Hu, Alexander Klekovkin, Sigurd Berg, Rick Young. Powder metallurgy components are expected not only to have good mechanical properties but also to meet dimensional tolerances consistently. Chromium pre-alloyed materials have received great interest recently due to properties achievable, sinter hardening response and possibility in improving dimensional tolerances. An additional advantage of using chromium as an alloying element is its low cost when compared to other alloying elements. In this study, sintering production tests have been performed in order to evaluate dimensional capability using Cr-alloyed materials verses conventional P/M alloyed materials. The first part of the study compares the Cr-alloyed materials with Fe-Cu-C alloyed materials under conventional sintering conditions. The second part of the study compares the Cr-alloyed materials against traditional Ni/Mo alloyed materials under sinter hardening conditions.