31.05.2000 Pressing & Sintering

Efficient Bonding for Dimensional Stability

PM² TEC 2000, in New York, USA. Author: Mats Larsson, Hilmar Vidarsson. In production of P/M components sizing or machining operations are often used to meet the demands for narrow tolerances. These additional operations increase the production costs. By improving the dimensional stability after sintering more components will by possible to produce without these secondary operations. Bonding technique affects the dimensional stability by several mechanisms. Segregation of alloying elements, variation in fill weight and warping of component are factors that deteriorate the dimensional stability of P/M components. With efficient bonding technique mixes less inclined to segregate and with superior filling of press tools are obtained. Less dusting is another benefit of the bonding technique that improves the working environment in P/M production.Results are presented showing the improved dimensional stability obtained by efficient bonding technique.