18.10.2012 Pressing & Sintering

Heat Treatment of Distaloy® AQ - Processing Aspects and Properties Achievable

Distaloy AQ is a lean alloyed (Fe-0.5Ni-0.5Mo) cost effective alternative to the PM steels traditionally used for heat treatment applications; these are materials that often include copper, nickel, or molybdenum in quantities of totally 2-6%. Compared to the traditional materials the low alloying content of Distaloy AQ offers relatively low hardness in sintered state, allowing for excellent as-sintered machinability. After heat treatment, however, the material performs on the same level as the more highly alloyed materials. Performance of Distaloy AQ after different heat treatments, such as quench and tempering and case carburizing is investigated and compared to performance of materials traditionally used in heat treatments. The comparisons show on possibilities and limitations with the lean alloying route, and indicate application windows where the lean alloying route can be a competitive alternative to the traditional more costly high alloyed materials.