31.08.2015 Pressing & Sintering

High green strength materials for low density applications like shock absorber parts and self-lubricating bearings

Shock absorber parts like pistons, cylinder ends and rod guides are multi-level parts with rather complex geometry. These are preferably produced by means of PM due to their net shape and design freedom, in combination with the dimensional precision that is a critical requirement. The demand on sintered strength is not so high why the Fe+Cu+C system is mainly used with densities typically in the range of 6.3-6.7 g/cm3. The relatively low density in combination with the complex geometries and the demand for dimensional accuracy, make the sponge iron powders a natural choice. A new lubricant and mix system has been developed in order to improve dimensional stability and especially green strength even further. This system, Intralube S, is tailored to work with sponge powders at low densities. It is a Zn-free system.