12.10.2016 Pressing & Sintering

Improving the Machinability of Powder Metal Steels using an Advanced Machining Enhancing Additive

Powder Metallurgy (PM) processes are the preferred net shape manufacturing technology for a number of automotive and non-automotive applications. While PM offers the ability to provide net shape components with higher material utilization compared to competing metal working technologies, often additional machining operations are required. Variable valve timing (VVT) components are an example of a PM component which has a number of machining operations required to meeting application requirements. In order to maximize productivity, machinability enhancers are often employed to improve the machinability of the PM component. However, most applications also have strict requirements for surface stains and rust eliminating the opportunity to utilize the common additive MnS. A new, advanced machining enhancing additive has been recently introduced which provide superior turning and drilling performance compared to other additives while providing stain free surfaces. This paper details the performance of the new additive in laboratory and production environments.