02.06.2000 Pressing & Sintering

Influence of Density and Microstructure on Fatigue Properties of Warm Compacted Fe-Ni-Cu Mo Steels

PM² TEC 2000, in New York, USA. Author: Sven Bengtsson. A common cause of failure in service is by fatigue fracture, especially of heavily loaded components subjected to dynamic stresses. The Fe-Ni-Cu-Mo steels have very high static mechanical properties and are becoming increasingly popular in highly stressed applications. This presentation deals with the fatigue behavior of warm-compacted Fe-Ni-Cu-Mo steels. The fatigue behavior has been investigated with respect to density and microstructure. The fatigue strength was determined for several density levels in the as sintered condition and in one case for a rapidly cooled material. Fracture surfaces have been characterized with respect to the origin of the fatigue crack and size of defect at the starting point.