17.09.2013 Pressing & Sintering

Introduction to a new Standardized Test Method for Powder Mixes, the Gustavsson Flowmeter Funnel

The Hall flowmeter funnel according to ISO 4490 is a well-established test method used in the PM industry for decades. The method is recommended and works well for metallic powders without organic additives such as lubricants and graphite. The Hall funnel is also widely used for determination of apparent density and flow of metallic powder mixes including organic additives. However, a problem is that powder mixes, especially mixes with high content of lubricant, graphite and/or other fine particulate additives, will not always flow freely through the funnel. To overcome this, a new funnel with a 30° cone angle has been developed. The new funnel enables mass flow so “rat holes” leading to flow stops can be eliminated. The new flowmeter funnel, called Gustavsson, is now standardized according to ISO 13517. In this paper a comparison between the Hall and Gustavsson funnels is presented. Different types of metal powders and metal powder mixes have been evaluated and will be reported.