16.05.2001 Pressing & Sintering

Machining of Warm Compacted P/M-parts in Green State

PM²TEC 2001, in New Orleans, USA. Authors: Olof Andersson, Andreas Benner. Powder metallurgy (P/M) is known for producing complex parts to very close tolerances. Due to technical limitations some parts are too complex to obtain, with regard to the final shape, merely with applying P/M technique. When P/M-technique is inadequate a secondary operation is a possible way to achieve the desired shape. Machining of sintered parts is comparatively well known but nevertheless, in some cases, a demanding operation due to sintered properties. However, machining of green parts often fails due to poor properties of the compacts (e.g. strength). Warm compaction is one way to achieve the necessary strength, without the disadvantage due to sintering. The following report summarise the experience of green drilling when using two warm compacted powder materials, D. AE + 0.5%C and Astaloy CrM + 0.5%C.