20.06.2002 Pressing & Sintering

Material Properties of Heat Treated Double Pressed/Sintered P/M Steels in Comparision to Warm Compacted/Sinter Hardened Materials

PM²TEC 2002, in Orlando, USA. Authors: David Milligan, Alain Marcotte, Jim Lingenfelter, Björn Johansson. Warm Compaction of Densmix™ powders provides means to produce P/M parts with densities in the range of 7.1 to 7.4 g/cc. As most properties are improved by increased density, the warm compaction method offers possibilities to increase the competitiveness of P/M compared to other manufacturing techniques.  In this paper a comparison of material properties obtained by two different manufacturing routes is presented. Heat treated properties of some P/M steels after double pressing/sintering are compared with properties obtained with sinterhardening of warm compacted Densmix™ powders.