15.11.2000 Pressing & Sintering

Materials for Highly Loaded Parts Such as Connecting Rods

PM2000, in Kyoto, Japan. Authors: Paul Skoglund, Sven Bengtsson. Warm compaction offers high density, favorable pore structure and as a result of this better fatigue properties combined with the robustness and shaping ability of the established compaction technology. This means that high performing parts, such as connecting rods, cam lobes and transmission gears etc., can be produced in a cost efficient way. In this investigation different high density P/M steels are evaluated concerning fatigue strength and a comparison is also made with powder forged and conventionally forged steels. Fatigue data on specimen are used as a base for the design of a P/M connecting rod. The connecting rod used for this comparison is for a modern mass produced four cylinder 2.2 liter gasoline engine. Its design has been optimized for the P/M route in order to minimize the weight. The dynamic performance of the warm compacted prototypes is discussed and a comparison with connecting rods made by the other manufacturing techniques is made.