11.10.2016 Pressing & Sintering

Mechanical Performance of Cr-alloyed PM Steel after Different Sintering and Heat Treatment Operations

Main benefits of the PM technology versus conventional steel making processes in the manufacture of structural steel parts are high material utilization, low energy consumption and short production time. These benefits are fully exploited by choosing the right combination of material and processing route to get the required mechanical properties at a low production cost. Powder grades pre-alloyed with Cr are robust and cost effective materials which are suitable for high performance PM steel components. This paper presents mechanical properties of Cr-alloyed PM steel obtained after different processing routes, including high temperature sintering, sinter-hardening and heat treatment by low pressure carburizing. Static mechanical data are presented as well as results from plane bending fatigue tests. Microstructures are also shown and correlated with the mechanical properties obtained for the respective processing routes.