30.09.2008 Pressing & Sintering

Newly Developed Lubricants for High Performance Metal Powder Mixes

In search of new applications for PM components, the industry has a need for ever higher performing lubricants in metal powder mixes. Over the years, several different paths have been taken to improve performance of mixes. Examples are bonded mixes, mixes for warm compaction and more recently mixes for use with heated tooling. Sinter hardening has been more and more applied in the PM component manufactures worldwide, due to its pronounced advantages: good hardening effect, cost saving and better dimensional control. Some newly developed lubricants exhibit improved properties in key areas such as climate robustness, lubrication and the possibility to boost compaction performance by using heated tooling during compaction. Moreover these new lubricants are Zn-free, thus minimizing environmental impact and the need for sintering furnace maintenance. Extensive testing has proven that lubrication is superior to amide wax, lubricant properties are not sensitive to humid climate conditions and that green density can be increased compared to conventional mixes.