12.10.2016 Pressing & Sintering

PM conversion study for a transmission component -- Scuffing wear ranking of nitrided Astaloy CrA and reference CQT 16MnCrS5 Rollers

Net shape manufacturing advantages and its cost effectiveness is well known for sintered structural parts for many automotive applications. Combined with cost effective material solutions, plus smart secondary processes, and finally leading to higher product performance, PM technology can add even more value to customer processes and end user applications. This paper describes the conversion study of a manual transmission component from wrought to pm steel, while presenting the results of comparing the wear performance when subjected to moderate forces and high sliding velocities. The authors analyzed the behavior of PM based Cr plus nitriding (gas or plasma) specimens in comparison with a wrought steel plus carburizing. The component lifetime and reliability was evaluated according to the IRG-diagram. The final conclusion is that the PM material has better wear performance than the current wrought steel component.