20.11.2003 Pressing & Sintering

Properties of Cr-Alloyed P/M Materials

PTECH2003, in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil. Authors: Mats Larsson, Sigurd Berg, Barbara Maroli. Chromium is an alloying element that is of increasing interest in P/M material. Low cost, recycling advantages and improved hardenability are benefits of using chromium as an alloying element. The combination of good mechanical properties and low alloying cost makes chromium-alloyed materials very competitive. In this paper, the static and dynamic properties of two materials pre-alloyed with chromium and molybdenum are compared with materials based on more traditional alloying systems for P/M materials, such as Fe-Cu-C and diffusion-alloyed materials. The good hardenability of chromium-alloyed materials also makes this type of material suitable for sinter hardening.