16.06.2004 Pressing & Sintering

Properties of High Density Cr-Mo Pre-Alloyed Materials High Temperature Sintered

PM²TEC 2004, in Chicago, USA. Authors: Bo Hu, Alexander Klekovkin, Dave Milligan, Ulf Engström, Sigurd Berg, Barbara Maroli.  Chromium and molybdenum as pre-alloying elements in ferrous powders can offer potentials for achieving excellent sintered properties. The potential properties are further increased when the materials are compacted to high green density, and/or are sintered at high temperature and sinterhardening. This paper evaluated the properties achievable using Cr-Mo prealloyed materials compacted with different compacting techniques such as cold compaction, warm compaction and high velocity compaction to increase green density. Furthermore, the properties achieved after conventional / high temperature sintering as well as sinterhardening were compared.