21.10.2003 Pressing & Sintering

Rolling Contact Fatigue Design Aspects of Surface Densified PM Components

EURO PM2003, in Valencia, Spain. Authors: Linnéa Fordén, Sven Bengtsson, Klaus Lipp, C M Sonsino The PM industry is permanently expanding the applications into new and challenging fields. Sintered components are becoming more and more frequent for highly loaded components also under rolling contact conditions. Gears are successfully introduced for applications such as oil pumps. An important field of future expansion for PM materials are highly loaded gears in e.g. vehicle transmission and power train gears. To ensure that PM materials have the ability to compete with wrought steels, rolling contact fatigue investigations have been performed on molybdenum pre-alloyed PM materials. A summary of design aspects under rolling contact conditions for surface densified PM components will be discussed studying the surface and sub-surface stress distribution.