12.10.2010 Pressing & Sintering

ZaKo3D - Simulation possibilities for PM gears

Powder metal technology is an alternative manufacturing method for the series-production of gears. But the properties of PM and regular steel gears differ. Especially the values for Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio and the hardness are smaller, the surface is densified and the tolerance zone is wider. Since PM gears are not state of the art yet, the properties for these gears are not taken into account by regular tooth contact analysis software.  In order to design gears for the manufacturing with PM technology which will show good noise and bearing behaviour, the design has to be tested by tooth contact analysis software that takes the PM characteristics into account. This paper shows the program ZaKo3D of WZL which is able to take the characteristics into account using a FE-based approach. Using ZaKo3D a case study for the design of the micro geometry of an automotive PM gear was carried out. This study, including the PM gear modelling, the sensitivity analysis and the derivation of flank modifications is presented in the paper.