05.11.2015 Surface coating

Fe-Based Powder Alloys Deposited by HVOF and HVAF for Applications Exposed to Solid Particle Erosion

HVOF and HVAF deposited coatings of three commercial Fe-based powder alloys have been ranked according to ASTM G76 solid particle erosion testing. The reference was electrolytic hard chrome (EHC) plating. The test results at 30 m/s abrasive particle velocity showed that 6AB powder alloy, when HVAF sprayed, Fe SP586 when both HVOF and HVAF sprayed meet the EHC plating reference erosion rate. 6AB HVOF sprayed and Fe SP529 both HVOF and HVAF sprayed powder alloys achieved two to three times higher erosion rate but were still at the same level of magnitude as the EHC plating reference.