02.01.2013 Surface coating

Powder Consumables for Wear Resistance and Reduced Costs of Hardfaced Mining Components

Hardfacing of components is widely used worldwide as a means of improving life of components and reducing operating costs. Numerous hardfacing techniques currently exist which utilize filler materials in wire/strip of powder form. One of the most commonly used techniques is the one referred to as GMAW/MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding/Metal Inert Gas) and it uses wire. It is highly developed and it is used in a very wide range of applications. Modern powder utilizing techniques however, such as Laser Cladding or PTA, are rapidly gaining ground in the industry due to their technical but most importantly economical merits. In this study, a direct comparison will be conducted between the two technologies both in technical and economical terms in order to investigate the viability of the new method. Furthermore, advanced powder materials for wear prone applications will be tested in an effort to identify possible gains from the use of modern techniques.