Axial flux machines save space, weight and cost

Axial flux machines save space, weight and cost

The magnetic and net-shaping properties of Höganäs' soft magnetic composite, Somaloy®, make this unique metal powder a key enabler of axial flux machines.

The Challenge

Demand for compact, energy-efficient electromagnetic components is greater than ever before given the rise of electrification within the automotive industry. Enabling space-efficient designs for various motor applications, and low-cost manufacturing in large volume production, are crucial requirements.

The Solution

Axial Flux Permanent Magnet machines (AFM) help cater for this demand. They are very compact constructions with high power density. AFM's typically larger diameter and shorter axial length makes them ideal for a number of automotive applications, including full electric or hybrid traction drives, electric auxiliary pumps and AC compressors.

It is the 3D magnetic properties and net-shaping capabilities of the Somaloy components used that open up opportunities to design compact solutions like axial flux machines. Somaloy is especially tailored for high volume, cost-efficient component production by utilising the Powder Metallurgy (PM) forming process. The components are ready to use after compaction and heat treatment and show close dimensional tolerances and robustness in large series production.

The Result

Why Somaloy Axial Flux Machines? Because they are compact, cost-efficient and offer high performance based on:

  • High power and torque density optimal design concepts at standard rpm
  • Net-shaped 3D Somaloy components
  • Pre-wound slide-on and tightly wound coils at high fill factors
  • A simple, automated assembly process with low investment
  • High frequency operations at low losses
  • Thermally isotropic Somaloy cores combined with dense coils enables optimal, efficient cooling
  • A short axial length and small build-volume, which adds value when space is limited
  • Reduced need for very high rpm gearboxes

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