Sintering expert services

Sintering expert services

Your partner for improving your sintering process

We offer sintering expertise and capabilities to evaluate and optimise your production processes and material concepts. Our experts use different types of furnaces and atmosphere-measuring equipment to solve your challenges. Our local teams in our three centres collaborate closely with Höganäs’ global resources such as R&D groups and other customer development centres so that you can get the best possible support wherever you are.

Material data

We help you generate material data for various sintering conditions to help you choose the most suitable material and processing conditions.

Prototype sintering

We offer you prototype sintering capabilities at various conditions to optimise your sintering process and achieve required material performance at lowest total cost.

On-site furnace measurements

We offer furnace measurements at your site to evaluate your sintering conditions and propose means to maximise your sintering efficiency. We can evaluate the following:

  • Oxidation
  • Carburisation/decarburisation
  • Dewaxing conditions
  • Leaking
  • Sooting/blistering

Equipment Capacity Application

sintering furnace

1360 °C max, 6 °C/s cooling rate,
N2/H2 with C potential control

Pilot scale high temperature sintering suitable for component prototyping, as well as test specimens. Sinter-hardening capabilities.
Belt furnace

1150 °C max, N2/H2,
0.8 °C/s cooling rate

Standard sintering conditions for testing bars and measurement.
SMC belt furnace

800 °C max, air, N2, steam, +/- 3 °C temp stability, 120 kg/h max load

Heat treatment of all three Somaloy grades (1P, 3P, 5P)
Tube furnace

1200 °C max in vacuum,
1400 °C in gas, -0.1MPa

Stainless steel and other alloy sintering at vacuum conditions.

1100 °C max, -0.1MPa vacuum,

Low-temperature sintering and dewaxing process.
SinterFlex system

CO, oxygen and,
dew point measuring system online

Online measurement of atmosphere quality in dewaxing, sintering, cooling zone and gas inlet.


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