Strengthening engine valves
Enabling efficiency in fuel cell manufacture

Strengthening engine valves with metal powder technology

Höganäs has established itself as the leader of durable surface coating technology for engine valves, offering process expertise, stable products and optimum functionality.

The challenge – high-volume, wear-resistant surface coating technology

Engine valve parts are continuously exposed to wear at high temperatures and require a durable surface coating to withstand these conditions. The coating technology used must also be suitable for the high unit volume automated applications that are required for automotive valves and valve seats. Moreover, it is essential to operate the coating equipment as efficiently as possible.

The solution – quality powder applied with precision

Höganäs’ long-term industry experience, material and process know-how ensure superior products, supportive partnerships and a high level of service in metal powder and surface coating technology.

Superior quality, consistent Ni-, Fe- and Co-based powders applied to combustion engine valves for light and heavy commercial vehicles and ships is proven praxis. By surface coating engine valve parts with cobalt-based alloys, we can ensure excellent functionality. Hard-facing alloys can be welded onto valve seats, usually exhausts, to achieve wear and corrosion resistance. Iron-based powder for cost-effective wear at high temperatures in engine applications is also a possibility.

The majority of our coatings are currently applied using the Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding technique, as it’s cost-effective and ideal for high unit volume automated applications. Höganäs also offers in-depth expertise in laser cladding, which is growing in popularity.

The result – consistent, resilient and cost-effective coatings

Thanks to their dependable quality, Höganäs’ products are today widely used in the automotive industry. Benefits include:

  • Highly spherical particles that enable good flow rates and less risk of clogging
  • Smooth and even powder flow with less porosity in the deposits.
  • Excellent functionality and cost-effective application.
  • Lot to lot consistency and therefore higher productivity as no time is lost when lots are changed.
  • Heat resistance to withstand hot abrasive wear.
  • Protected outer edges of valve parts so the main product volume can be manufactured from steel.
    Compliance with application demands for medium to small engines.
  • Crack-generation resistant.
  • Corrosion resistance to withstand the engine environment.

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