BrazeLet® F300

BrazeLet® F300 is a unique stainless iron-chromium-based brazing filler metal for applications operating in extreme environments. Its unique chemical composition delivers similar corrosion resistance and joint strength properties to high-performing nickel-based filler metals. However, it is a more cost-effective alternative thanks to the use of less costly metals.

BrazeLet F300 has excellent wetting properties, low brazing temperature and creates a uniform joint with high strength and high corrosion- and oxidation resistance, making it suitable for heat exchanger applications in industry and the automotive sector.

The first choice for the increasing demand of copper-free brazing, e.g. for drinking water applications and oil coolers.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Wide gap flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High strength


ISO 3677, B-Fe39CrNiCuPSi-1000/1070
Impurities according ISO 17672
Impurities according ANSI/AWS A5.8

Melting temperature

1000-1070 °C

Min. brazing temperature

1100 °C


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