Turning powder into power

Turning powder into power

Look inside just about any manual car transmission and you will very likely find a synchroniser hub made from Höganäs’ Distaloy® metal powder, especially Distaloy AE.

Smoother gear shifting, no need to ‘double clutch’, and no terrible gear noise. Car transmission synchronisation has a lot going for it. What it actually does, however, is bring components rotating at different speeds to one matching speed. And the hub is a vital part of this, along with, for example, synchronisation rings.

Synchroniser hubs have been made from Höganäs Distaloy AE high-compressibility atomised powder since the mid-1970s, when Citroën pioneered the use of powder metals in car manufacturing. Distaloy AE is an alloying process that is robust and easy to process, combining high tolerances with excellent performance. It is perfect for applications demanding high strength and tight tolerances. Another major benefit for the manufacturer is that the cost per item is approximately 20 to 30 per cent lower compared to conventional machining.

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