Rhenium metal powder

The rhenium metal powder produced by Höganäs is a light-gray metal powder made of agglomerated single crystals. It features the highest degree of purity and consistent, certified product quality, which we guarantee.

Rhenium metal powder is used for semi-finished products, such as anode plates used in medical applications. Typically, it is first thoroughly mixed with other components of the special alloys.

High degree of chemical purity, consistent physical quality

Because the rhenium metal powder produced by Höganäs has a high degree of chemical purity, it can be used in the synthesis of special alloys with well-formed crystal structures. Thanks to its consistent physical quality - grain size distribution, tap density, specific surface area - it is perfect for mixing with other powders in a preliminary mixture from which a highly homogeneous semi-finished product is created in the sintering process.

Our service portfolio also includes comprehensive application technology support for product selection and process optimization as well as customer-oriented product modification and enhancement. To ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials, we also offer rhenium recycling from used products, e.g. used catalysts or turbine blades and processing residues. Recycling is offered either by purchasing used materials or by reprocessing a certain rhenium product.